Employee Solutions

We have the unique ability to understand specific employee needs. As a result, we are able to design and implement powerful Reward & Recognition programs that have made a remarkable impact on users.

We understand that retaining good employees has become a serious concern for most organisations and only a great employee value proposition can stem the tide. We have developed solutions that allow you to implement a flexible approach which makes work as much fun as it is productive, without disrupting budgets and causing antagonism.

Here is a choice of programs to suit your specific needs;

Let’s Buzzz – Social Recognition Product

Social Recognition- Employee Solutions at Grass Roots

Let's Buzzz is a comprehensive reward and social recognition product designed for both small and large enterprises. It works as a catalyst in increasing engagement and empowering businesses to drive meaningful changes in culture, the employee experience, and bottom-line business metrics.

Buzzz translates organization values / objectives in the form of behaviours and provides a platform to inculcate these behaviours in the day to day life of every user. These behaviours can be measured and tracked in real time.

It identifies top performers and has a Leaderboard that shows users how they compare with members. Other features include social recognition, communication of news, surveys, celebration of birthdays, service anniversary & other milestone events, reward and incentive programs.

Employee Rewards

Digital Rewards- Grass Roots India

Our reward catalogue is targeted so as to bring about marked changes in performance, the occasion could be for an instant appreciation of a task well executed, a great idea contributed or simply for consistency, long service or some spectacular achievement. The types of rewards are innumerable;

  • The online catalogue with tens of thousands of options
  • Vouchers or Gift Cards, for either a single brand or multi brand redemption
  • E rewards delivered using e-codes
  • Cinema vouchers
  • Dining discounts / deals
  • Experiences, travel, vacations and activities across the India, from go-karting to sky diving and everything in between

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