Customer Engagement

GRG India’s focus has been on creating practical engagement that is meaningful and makes sense to a customer. Our expertise & efficiency in running Consumer & Fixed Fee promotions, benefits & offers or even insights, have further resulted in long term customer loyalty.

We take pride in the success of our customer engagement programs and our vast experience in this particular area of marketing support. With each of the programs developed by us we have added upgraded technological means and cutting edge ideation that best suits the brand’s objectives.

This specific portfolio of offering demonstrates;

Customer Engagement Program

Customer Engagement Program, Grass Roots India

Our marketing team is supported by experienced communication specialists who develop outstanding creative communication much to the benefit of brands. Our in-depth understanding of appropriate communication methods assists brands build long term relationships with clients.

GRG India’s messaging does not just inform about the product and benefits, but also garners feedback to make future communication and incentives achieve the desired behavioural objectives.

Customer Loyalty Program

Customer Loyalty program, Customer Loyalty & Engagement- Grass Roots India

GRG India’s customer loyalty programs are meticulously designed keeping the brand’s objectives in mind. Our study of your customer profile is thorough and is the basis for our need assessment exercise. Once the principals are agreed upon with the brand, our program is designed to specifically keep these front of mind.

GRG India carefully combines powerful communication with incentivizing of desired behavior, leads the customer on a delightful journey with the brand for a long time to come. At spaced intervals, we come back to the drawing board and tweak the deliverables, processes or communication so as to always keep the program fresh to create renewed customer interest always.

Consumer Promotions

Consumer Promotions- Customer Engagement- Grass Roots India

Customer promotions can be as simple as an ON-Pack or In-Pack promo pushed by SMS or email or even a missed call mechanism, depending on the brand’s need or preference. Thanks to our powerful technology backbone, promotions can be as exciting, online or offline even interactive gaming. We have learnt to make the interaction with your customer exciting to say the least.

However for you the Brand, we keep the method as simple as it can get i.e. take our “Fixed Fee” for example; it’s simple, you the brand, pick up as many codes as you estimate will be used. Of course, there are a host of other possibilities for rewards and prizes; in fact you’ll be spoilt for options.

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