Employee Solutions

We have the unique ability to understand specific employee needs. As a result, we are able to design and implement powerful Reward & Recognition programs that have made a remarkable impact on users.

We understand that retaining good employees has become a serious concern for most organisations and only a great employee value proposition can stem the tide. We have developed solutions that allow you to implement a flexible approach which makes work as much fun as it is productive, without disrupting budgets and causing antagonism.

Here is a choice of programs to suit your specific needs;

Social Recognition Program

Social Recognition- Employee Solutions at Grass Roots

GRI’s product & service provides an opportunity for your own branding. This central online hub can help you celebrate value-based employee achievements publicly in a timely manner.

Such recognition is proven to increase not just engagement but performance as well. Coupled with the right combination of features our program enables employees to respond with instant recognition. Public recognition boosts employee morale and elevates personal motivation.

We have a number of examples of how employees’ motivation levels increased substantially and attrition rate dropped, encouraging the company to further invest in such programs.

With the click of a button, employees can celebrate their successes using social platform thereby seamlessly disseminating the infectious joy of achievement.

Here are a few highlights of our social platform:

  • Peer to Peer recognition with a hierarchical access management
  • Much like social media public viewed wall for co-workers to like, comment and even recognise good work
  • Leader Board and public space to announce / display outstanding contribution
  • Birthday celebrations, automated service anniversaries & newsfeed
  • Instant rewarding from HODs/Managers
  • Custom catalogue (rewards)

Employee Rewards & Recognition

Employee Rewards, Recognition And Benefits, Grass Roots India

Our employee R&B platform is among the world’s most advanced. It enables both social and rewards-based recognition, empowering them to recognise and reward each other in real-time from any location. In turn, this assists employees to align with company values and goals.

The delivery of millions of recognitions annually, our solution has inspired employee engagement and loyalty and has driven business performance.

Our solution brings together all the reward and recognition tools you need to one central location:

  • Service awards and anniversaries
  • Employee feedback and surveys
  • Innovation, ideas and referrals
  • Recognition toolkit and online training

Employee Incentive Program

Employee Incentive Program, Grass Roots India

To keep job satisfaction at peak levels HR needs to focus on making available some great rewards to performing employees, in addition to base pay and whatever else is part of the salary structure.

Everyone likes to be appreciated, recognised and rewarded for their contribution. We have loads of great ideas for how you can motivate your employees through rewards.

From approval to doorstep delivery, Grass Roots India provides complete end-to-end service (if that's what you need). Sales incentives, tactical incentives, ongoing long service awards- anything and everything you need to inspire your people, whatever they do, and wherever they are in your business.

Employee Engagement Program

Employee Engagement Program, Grass Roots India

Our program creates the right conditions for all employees to perform at their best, every day. Employees stay committed to the values and are motivated towards achieving the organisation’s goals with an enhanced sense of their own well-being.

Grass Roots India’s programs are designed to help you solve even your most complex employee engagement challenges. Every organisation wants to address at least one of the recognised drivers of engagement: strategic narrative, employee voice, integrity, engaging managers and communication. We can accomplish this by;

  • Sharing corporate vision and strategy in a way that's meaningful and relevant to everyone in your organisation
  • Capturing employee opinion and create ongoing conversations that can shape action plans in all kinds of areas
  • Bringing your corporate values and behaviours to life, through clear articulation, practical activity and effective communication
  • If one of the corporate focus is on better interpersonal communication, there is lots that we can provide in terms of our engagement hub. It’s great for use where there is life cycle based communication requirements

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